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Erin's Story

There was a time when putting myself first proved difficult. A mother of two; a demanding job as District Training and Development Educator for JCP Salons. I was responsible for 26+ salons and over 300 hairstylists throughout the Northeast Region. In 2014 I left corporate America for the even more demanding life of entrepreneurship. It wasn’t until I got into a car accident April 11, 2016 that my life took  a drastic turn and I was forced to stop.  


I suffered many injuries from the accident, to the severity I was unable to stand for long periods of time. Unfortunately I still had to work because I was self-employed —although advised not to. I was prescribed medications that could have been detrimental to my well-being, I chose to listen to my body’s natural cravings instead. I was able to begin healing myself in a non-addictive, safe way. I decided to focus more on alternative and spiritual medicine by tapping into my Ancestral Energy, Ayurveda, Crystal Healing, Herbs, Salves and most important my Diet. 


I was also able to focus on my passions, including art, fashion and travel because I had more time to focus on myself. This level of grace allowed me to curate my brand Genuinely Dope. When you are a genuine person that is what makes you dope. Many of us don't get to be our authentic selves because we have to put on for Corporate America, our families, strangers and those that judge us, including ourselves. I have fought to free myself from those outdated structures and each day I choose to be more of my authentic self. Trust me it’s not easy, especially when society has taught you to go along to get along. 

A thought that has remained with me is how often Black women are the pillars of our families and communities, yet aren’t given the same grace to nourish and heal ourselves. Which can lead to mental and physical burnout, forms of addiction and health issues. I am dedicated to helping Black women like myself prioritize themselves so they can learn to create sanctuary and have a healing impact not only for themselves but those that depend on them. Our communities heal when Black women heal. 


The definition of inspiration, Erin has helped guide me on my entrepreneurial journey as well as my motherhood journey by resiliently evolving & forever sharing gems that I hold dear to my heart and utilize in my business and home. A true innovator and overall healer.

Sabrina Priddle , CEO Pridd New York x Pridd Kids

Working with Erin for our fashion editorial shoot with Pattern Magazine was an absolute dream. RD Beauty & Wellness was easy to work with and exemplified the highest level of creativity, coupled with professionalism, great teamwork skills and the uncanny ability to act independently as well. Think of a “visionary architect x innovative leadership” when you think of Erin or her company.

April Walker, Founder of Walker Wear. 

Fashion visionary, wellness enthusiast, educator; social entrepreneur and author.

My experience with Erin could only be described as amazing. Erin is known for her fun and bubbly personality. I have worked with her before for shows and models will always compliment her positive and bright energy that she brings to the set. I have never dyed my hair before so jumping to bleaching it a platinum blonde was a huge step. The process was very quick and I left with my exact dream hair color. Erin will ensure that your hair looks amazing while creating a fun and comfortable experience. It is always great to work with Erin.

Romeo Hunte

I am a loyal customer because I receive the one-on-one customer service I expect. I always leave “the shop” looking and feeling my best. Erin is a gem in the Capital Region and I’m so glad we found each other!

-Dr. Dorcey Applyrs

Hoops Project

Producers Nicole Acosta  and Erin J. Hundley take a deeper look into the intersections of where hoop earrings meet in culture, fashion, art, music, hair, and history by sharing stories of love, power, resistance, and liberation. 

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