The Natural Epicurean |

A glimpse of upcoming lifestyle trends. Although people are struggling financially they will opt for more luxurious and thought-out purchases. Rooted in self-preservation and purity. Wanting to feel pampered, treating oneself to the finer things considering their wayward circumstances. Luxury buys for the eco-conscious consumer. Fabrics that feel good to the touch and against the skin.  

Trends coming will be muted creamy tones, sheer breathable  fabrics. All about the delicate details. Low effort chic. Feel and look good with minimal effort attached. Flowing garments, skirts, dresses, more one-piece, pull-over styles. Many women will opt for skirts and dresses to feel prettier and more sensual.  

Materials such as cashmere, velvet, industrial hemp, organic/Japanese cotton, cotton recycling,  satin, silk, silk blends, organza, chiffon, nylon, rayon, and mesh will be on everyone’s must-have list! A fun and fan-favorite circa 2018 – Ultra Violet [variations of berries and deep tones] will make their way through the color season. We want to feel like royalty…  

Creamy, muted, not bright or loud. Subtle pops to create a statement. Hues that compliment skin tone. It’s all about alignment. Monochromatic. 

We saw this style really hit 3 years ago and boom here we are again more pajama chic sets.  Pajama top with slack bottom, chunky sneaker/boots a blend of 80’s baby and 90’s emo, a  fashion mosh posh. Structured detailed loungewear, ribbed, piping more boxy and oversized yet loose-fitting, wide-leg satin pant bottom. Tops with boning and structure mirroring the Regency era with influence from the show Bridgerton, which I will coin the Bridgerton Effect. We will be  moving into more demure, pure, clean style.  


  • Yellow/Gold  
  • Bone (Grey undertone)  
  • Purple pops  
  • Nudes, Camel, variations of Peach and Coral Tones  
  • Variations of Greens 

Stay-at-home Beauty 


Dewy/matte blend, natural enhancing features, it’s all about the eye shadow, imperfect blends with a moisturized plain lip that enhances natural lip color/matches the skin tone. Natural brows,  super defined thin line of black liner, crisp and close to the lashes. False lashes are naturally fuller and fanning more at the outer corners of the eyes.  


  • Lived in natural disheveled  
  • Homemade bangs & haircut looks  
  • Afros  


  • Masks to match  
  • Chunky wrist statements  
  • Fun earrings or none at all due to impedance of masks  
  • Layered talismans for healing and protection such as rosaries, crosses, healing crystals, evil eyes,  etc…  
  • The female version of the top hat.  
  • Headwraps, coverings, scarves. My favorite is the mighty Bucket Hat  

We are moving through many collective fashion eras during this time. We are resetting the way we live, think, and see fashion due to our paradigm shift through COVID. The trend is not about fast/throwaway fashion anymore, it’s about- Does it make me feel good, is it ethical, will I get good wear out of these pieces that I am investing in? We are in the era of conscious investment buying. This is honestly a reset for both the creatives in the beauty and fashion industry to take the leap and create, the sky is not the limit. We will be going down in history for whatever is to come next from our imaginations. What a time to be alive!  

Love & light,